Europe Is Taking Off In EU Solar Power Generation

EU Solar Power

There are a variety of reasons why solar was selected the energy source that added more capacity than any other power generation technology in the EU  in 2019 — and there are a lot of reasons why solar is extremely likely to continue to be in the front runner in the future as the region strives to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Solar power’s expansion phase has started in Europe. With solar combining critical development features of unmatched flexibility, versatility, low cost — and the highest popularity of energy production resources among European citizens, it is going to have an integral role for the EU solar power, fulfilling its 2030 climate goals.… Read More

Listing of Sustainability Conferences

Here is the list for sustainability conferences in 2020! Find conferences throughout the world that are loaded with business experience, fresh takes, hard topics, and terrific speakers. The listing contains a month-by-month list of CSR and sustainability conventions so you can search by location.… Read More

energy efficiency labels

The European Commission has welcomed the final format of this latest “clearer” energy efficiency labels, including home appliances to help customers make better-informed buying decisions and save money in the long run.  The five product collections of home appliances with “regraded” labels include washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators, driers, lamps and digital screens including television screens and digital signage displays.

The 1995 labels could award a product with an A for high efficiency, or an F for low productivity. In theory, average products were deemed to earn a C. However, because appliance manufacturers would object vociferously to any merchandise sporting a “C” label, the strategy began raising the grades. Labels of A+, A++, and A+++ were included, and before long, no appliances were making a “C,” and a “B” was being viewed as a failing grade.… Read More

clear glass solar cells

The objective of creating transparent panels has been around for decades now. It is essentially one of those holy grails of the solar industry since the number of applications for see-through panels is only limited by your imagination. Consider it; virtually anything that uses glass now could become a power source if that glass were replaced with a transparent solar panel.

Your phone could become self-charging set, simply set it, so the glass is currently facing a light source like you know sunlight. You could place it on the table while you’re outdoors having a picnic, eating lunch and instead of your battery continuing to drain off, you might be topping off the charge.

Every window could turn into a panel, from the modest home to the tallest skyscraper; we can transform cities and our towns and cities into renewable stations. It could be a massive advance for electric vehicles.

Up until today, the efforts to reach this grail have … Read More


If you want to host a sustainable event, there are many things to consider especially the use of new technology. Today’s technology continues to improve sustainability events as many people realize the significance of green technology.

Sustainability is a concept that focuses on ensuring that human activities do not cause an impact on the environment. It also aims to prevent depletion of resources so that the future generations can also enjoy the same. Large corporations, in particular, have a responsibility to ensure that their activities do not impact on the environment.… Read More

people attending a conference

During the current period, it is undoubtedly true that the constant changes in sustainable technological development across the globe always bring new things. These latest developments affect almost all facets of our lives. For this and other reasons, sustainable technology conferences need to be promoted at the international level to benefit people from diverse backgrounds.

Against this backdrop, you need to realise that there are numerous events around the globe that you do not want to miss. These include high-level conferences about different fields of technology development, and they can help you gain sound knowledge about the benefits of such new advances. You also get to understand the significance of elements like sustainability when such changes take place.

To keep pace with the many global events that you may not want to miss, this guide outlines in detail some of the upcoming sustainable technology conferences, showcasing different technologies. These conferences are held in different parts of the world, … Read More

Thermal cameras for heat leakage

Thermal cameras are important in building inspections. These sophisticated cameras see in a way that human eyes cannot. They create images of the world around them via a heat signature. It is not an image of temperature, but it is thermal energy image. Warm areas and warm bodies stand out against a colder environment. Hot areas glow yellow or even white. The hotter the area, the brighter the image.

These images can offer important information when it comes to heat leaks and electrical issues within a building.  Heat leaks are a problem for energy and heat efficiency. A building with poor insulation and heat efficiency can lose a lot of heat through roofs and walls.

The problem areas show up on these images, so surveyors or inspectors gain a clear idea of the situation. Inspectors can even use their smartphones for inspections has a great review of the Compact XR smartphone thermal camera attachment. We will discuss this compact Read More

Home Energy Management Systems

Based on the 2016 Bloomberg New Energy Finance report, American households used less than 4% of their annual household spending on energy (which includes electricity, transport, and heating).  According to experts, these averages represent record lows in the United States.

Further, they attribute the falling energy expenditure to some factors including the growing popularity of sustainable energy in the nation, the improvement of the nation’s energy productivity as well as a decrease in the average price of electricity in the nation.

In addition to that, many energy experts agree that sustainable energy technologies have also contributed actively and immensely to the decrease in energy expenditure in American households.… Read More

Solar Power Generation

Solar Power Generation For Homes In Europe – The Smart Energy Choice

Consumers in Europe are turning to solar for many reasons.

The biggest reason? it saves them money in the long run on their energy bills.

At first, installing any type of  solar power generation device is expensive. But most only takes 5-15 years to pay for itself.

From that point on, those with an off grid, solar energy source never pay another electric bill again.

The reason the numbers work is because many countries offer tax incentives to install solar generators. This is a smart investment economically, but even so, some people have trouble saving the money to do it.

Some individuals see the benefits of using renewable energy but can’t go completely solar all at once. For them, there are others ways to integrate solar energy into their everyday lives.

Included in this article are six alternative ways to use solar energy at home.

1. Solar Cell

Read More
Robotic pool cleaners

The Five Best Robotic Pool Cleaners on the Market

Pools bring a lot of fun and excitement to summer, but they come with a downside. They can be a lot of trouble to keep clean! Dirt and other particles manage to find their way into the pool every day.

There is also algae buildup or stains that can occur over time. And don’t forget the sand, leaves, and twigs.

Robotic pool cleaners are energy-efficient products that simultaneously save money and improve the environment.  The problem is, pool maintenance is expensive as it is, and a robotic vacuum cleaner is just one more thing to pay for.

So, if a pool owner is going to make the investment, he needs to read the online reviews.  Introduced here is a shortlist of the best robotic pool cleaners and brief reviews on each.

Note: much of this information comes from the website, Check it out for more in-depth reviews and video Read More

Solar Power Generation Locally

Update on Solar Energy Generation And Consumer Installation In Europe

100 Gigawatt Milestone

The Environmentalist community has something new to get excited about in Europe.  For the first time in history, Europe is using more solar power than nuclear power. This good news comes after the installation of one hundred gigawatts of photovoltaic power.

The new solar energy power systems are grid connects to and available to supply the public with the energy they need.

Solar Power Europe is pleased to announce this milestone achievement. Five years ago Europeans rarely relied on solar power to meet their energy demands. Today solar power generators supply one percent (1%) of the energy consumed worldwide. The growth is unprecedented. In the past eleven years, Europe has gone from only three GW of solar capabilities to over one hundred.

Solar Power Generation

Future Goals

The CEO of SolarPower Europe hopes that the trend toward solar power doesn’t stop here. Although celebrating the 100 GW benchmark is … Read More

Sustainable Technology Events

Sustainable Technology Events: Sustainable Energy Growth In Europe

Europe is leading by example when it comes to using cleaner energy sources. For the first time since the invention of solar power generation, it is using more than nuclear energy. This is due in part to Europe’s commitment to inform citizens about better power options.

Around three percent or more of the energy used in Europe comes from a renewable source. Those who are serious about renewable energy in Europe are doing what they can to raise awareness. Listed here are some of the biggest events focusing on environmentally friendly energy:

Fifth International I-SUP Conference

Some of the most knowledgeable experts are gathering to talk about the modern day energy market. Important key points they’ll discuss include cooling/heating grids, energy storage, sustainable energy planning, geothermal innovations, and energy data processing.

The conference will be at in Hilton Old Town, Antwerp, Belgium. This annual conference will take place on October 16-19.… Read More

Solar Power Generation

Renewable Energy On The Rise -Solar Power Generation In Europe And Across the Globe

Solar Power Generation Vs. Nuclear Power Generation

The activists at Greenpeace have been warning others for years about the cons of using nuclear energy. Not only is it very financially expensive, but it is also hazardous in several ways. Nuclear power plants always produce radioactive waste. The US is currently storing this waste at Yucca Mountain, Nevada.

This site is volcanically active which is just as dangerous as it sounds. From there the radiation seeps out into nature. This is why the following news is so exciting. Solar energy is so much cleaner and much safer than nuclear power. Since it uses only photons from the sun, it is entirely natural and renewable.

For the first time, nuclear energy is having to take the backseat to renewable energy in Europe. Gehrlicher Solar reported that 2014 was a record-breaking year. Researchers are predicting that by 2020 … Read More

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient Appliances: Best Robotic Vacuums

Vacuuming is often one of people’s least favourite chores to have to do around the home. It’s easy to understand why too. Nobody enjoys pushing a heavy vacuum around their floors all while trying to avoid running over the cord.

That’s why the invention of Energy Efficient robotic vacuum cleaners has so many homemakers excited. So which ones are best? This article will cover seven of the best robotic vacuum cleaners available on the market today.

1. Irobot Roomba 880

 Energy Efficient

The Irobot Roomba 880 is small enough to fit through small spaces. It is also powerful enough to get dirt nestled deep into carpet fibres. Individuals with allergies to dust and pollen are the most frequent buyers of the Roomba 880. The HEPA-filter lets the vacuum suck up debris smaller than visible specks. Pollen that gets in from the outside is no match for the Roomba.

The navigation system of this robotic vacuum cleaner … Read More

Solar Power Generation Solar Power

Solar Power Generation For Your Home

Solar power is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and across the globe. Solar energy is a smart option for powering a home.

However, home installation can be a tad tricky.

Included here are some expert tips to help out anyone who wants to change to renewable energy.

1. Install A Photovoltaic System And Purchase A Battery



 Solar Power Generation by Photo voltaic System

Here is one of the best expert tips everyone who owns solar panels should know. They will want to invest in a solar battery. Most consumers won’t use up all their created energy in one day. It’s important to store the energy they haven’t used so it can be used on demand.

Installing a solar system isn’t cheap so owners will want to get all the juice they can out of it. Between dawn and dusk is when the most solar energy is picked up by the panels. Some people will use up most of the … Read More

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