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Sustainable-now.eu is a blog focused on covering the EU sustainable energy industry at all levels:

  • renewable energy production, especially solar
  • lifestyles and home appliances that are energy efficient
  • events related to EU solar energy and renewable energy

We are finally nearing a tipping point in the consumption of fossil fuels – because of the world’s sustained focus on clean, renewable energy.

Solar power generation is the world’s cleanest form of electricity generation, followed by hydroelectric, open ocean and wind. We write about the latest technology and policy developments related to solar energy in the EU.

Energy-efficient appliances are a critical part of improving our environment, too, because there are almost 100 billion electric home appliances in the world, with hundreds of millions more produced each year.  There are many energy-efficient appliances that can now be run with the help of solar power and help us all reduce electricity consumption.

To support and coordinate these efforts, sustainable industry events take place all over the world each year that promote efficient use of natural resources. These events work on the awareness of the conservation of natural resources on which we are dependent for our lives. Their primary motive is to spread green energy revolution.

We’ll cover all of these subjects and more, as the blog progresses.

Thanks for stopping by!

– Liz Randall


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