Annual Sustainability Conferences To Attend in 2021

Annual sustainability conferences

With this in mind, here are six annual sustainability conferences happening in 2021.

GreenBiz 2021 — February 9 to 11, 2021

GreenBiz is possibly the biggest annual Sustainability event in the US, if not the world. Regrettably, ambiguity surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed 2021 online, but attendees of the virtual event will still enjoy a meaningful and intriguing experience in February.

The event is anticipated to bring together over 1,500 professionals between February 9 and 11. The event itself is by invitation only, though you might apply for an invitation via the event’s official site.

The organizers report that they hosted more than 80 sessions throughout the event. Previous guest speakers include Beric, Alleyne from eBay, and Ashley C. Hall from Walmart Jim Fitterling from Dow, among many others. This next event is guaranteed to give similar levels of experience and insight.

Many virtually attended the GreenBiz Forum in Scottsdale, AZ, and other corporations, NGOs, academia, trade partners, and green start-ups. This event brought 500+ professionals, experts, and thought leaders in a sustainable industry, developing a collaborative setting to accelerate corporate sustainability progress.

The topics were new and stayed high, making it easy for attendees to follow along and draw meaningful connections. Working sessions provided deeper-dives into specific subjects, catering well to the wide assortment of attendee interests, incentives, and challenges.

Joel Makower, Chairman and Executive Editor of GreenBiz Group, kicked-off the 3-day occasion in the context of the 2014 State of Green Business Report, which said that developments in sustainable business practices had leveled off in the previous year. He identified four major topics for accelerating sustainable growth: Collaboration, High-Hanging Fruit, Supply Chain, and Natural Capital.



Five of the keynote discussions were centered around the advantages of participating in partnerships on Sustainability programs, largely between corporations and NGOs. During corporate-NGO collaboration, corporations can obtain wisdom and consumer-trust, while NGOs can see a quicker change compared to lobbying for laws. The Forest Trust, Asia Pulp & Paper, and Greenpeace converted negative connections to constructive communication to unlink AP&P’s Supply Chain from Deforestation.

Supply Chain

Supply chain analysis is a primary focus for Consumer Products businesses, especially food and drink. An instance of higher-hanging fruit, but one that begs immediate attention due to significant consumer pressure for transparency. Often the biggest impacts (social and environmental ) happen in the distribution chain, and supply chain analysis unlocks significant risks to reputation, business continuity, and long-term expansion. Seventy percent of McDonald’s footprint happens in their supply chain. Driven by customer demand, McDonald’s has committed to creating a”Sustainable Beef Supply Chain” to reduce their impact.

High-Hanging Fruit

Makower concluded that sustainable market advancement has not plateaued due to diminished engagement or effort, but instead since the low-hanging fruit has definitely been chosen and the results largely realized. Therefore, significant effort will be asked to take on more complicated jobs, but the associated business benefits are also much greater.

For many producers, low-hanging fruit was found within surgeries through energy savings or reduced emissions at facilities. High-hanging fruit can be located by engaging R&D and supply chain in the dialogue and building sustainable thinking into corporate planning and risk evaluation.

Natural Capital

Non-financials are a growing concern for customers, investors, and businesses as the risks and opportunities related to these variables become clearer. Assessments to appreciate resources as Natural Capital’ can offer insight for strategic planning and risk assessment, better-position firms for institutional investors, and reduced corporate insurance prices.

More than 1,000 investment institutions have signed the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) initiative. PRI examines environmental, social, and governance factors in investment evaluation for the long-term health and stability of a company and/or industry.

With the rising pressure on Consumer Products companies to evolve into more sustainable businesses, innumerable challenges arise. Several sustainability executives explicitly expressed a need for approaches to further engage the CFO, in addition to tactics and resources to use to target the elusive high-hanging fruit.

Sustainability is an important issue nowadays, and sustainability conferences provide us with a forum to explore this. In fact, these conferences are vital to developing sustainable practices, engineering, and attitudes. We try to make a positive difference for ecosystems and communities throughout the planet.

Responsible Business Summit 2021 — June 1 to 3, 2021


At the Responsible Business Summit, the audience gets to listen to talks on a broad assortment of various sustainability issues, including environmental problems, climate change, and accountable materials handling and supply chain management. All these are important talking points as we proceed through the next decade of this twenty-first century.

The event will take place in March 2021 In the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge, even though the exact date hasn’t yet been finalized. As we publish this guide, it appears that the 2021 summit is still supposed to be a physical event, but of course, this might be subject to change.

Traditionally, this event was attended by statistics from a range of different business areas, such as investment companies, NGOs, government departments, and academic institutions, amongst others. Collars include high-performance sustainability professionals and innovators, in addition to people from communicating and procurement departments.

Transform USA 2021 — May 4 to 5, 2021


Environmental sustainability is high on the agenda nowadays as climate change becomes increasingly tough to ignore. This is the important focus for Transform USA, a conference aimed at promoting the development and advancement of sustainable technologies and best practices to create a better world for tomorrow.

The event will bring together several important figures from top organizations right across the USA. It will comprise a combination of presentations and discussions to help attendees form a better comprehension of the upcoming steps in the journey towards ecological sustainability.

The event’s venue is not yet set, But it’s anticipated that approximately 2,000 attendees will be present across the two-day occasion in the first week of May 2021. Issues to be discussed include low-carbon solutions, reducing waste, and better supply chain and procurement processes. This promises to be an extremely positive event, one that will benefit international communities in addition to those right here in America.

Environment, Health, And Safety Tech 2021 — May 25 to 27, 2021

Technology, along with health and safety, will be at the forefront of social and environmental sustainability as we proceed ahead. Businesses will need to know how they will deploy technology to the best impact and determine how this will affect their operations and procedures in the future.

Between May 25 and 27, 2021, the EHSTECH21 conference will be analyzing the exciting technological changes which are driving sustainability in 2021 and far beyond. Presently, the event is scheduled to occur in Fort Worth, Texas, even though this is subject to change. Those interested in attending should keep tabs on Texas’s situation as the event date draws nearer and checks with the event organizer’s official site to remain informed of any changes.

The event is billed as an innovation, software, and technology showcase. It will allow business owners to get up close and personal with the technology solutions which are changing the landscape of sustainability in the not too distant future. Organizers promise to present a curated approach that allows attendees to engage with the most recent technological innovation and offer an open forum for dialogue and constructive discussion during the event.

Sustainable Business San Diego 2021 — June 7 to 10, 2021


To protect public safety, While providing attendees with the sustainability insight they require to do better and be better, the 2021 iteration of the Sustainable Business conference provides attendees the chance to engage either online or in person. If you wish to attend the event in person down in San Diego, California, it’s necessary to track the Covid-19 situation and also to look at the official event site periodically for updates.

The event is designed to attract together sustainability leaders from throughout the planet to explore the sorts of innovations and solutions that are likely to be making the world a better place in which to live and do business in the next few years. The event program is still under evolution but will include breakout panels, presentations, workshops, and discussion events, all of which promise to be quite interesting.

Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summits — July 13 to 14, 2021


Bloomberg’s Sustainable Business Summits draw together industry leaders and leaders globally to drive scale and innovation best practices in sustainable business and finance.

The summit’s leverage Bloomberg unrivaled markets experience to convene conversations uniquely centered on the risks and opportunities for corporate executives and forward-thinking investors in a 21st-century market.

What You Will Learn:

  • The way to drive revenue growth and profitability through environmental and social goals
  • Techniques to specify and measure the business value of sustainable practices
  • How investors are assessing sustainable investments
  • Insights into creating replicable business models that include investments in renewable energy

Responsible Business Summit USA 2021 — November 16 to 18, 2021

COVID-19 has revealed the fragility and vulnerability of business, society, and the international economic system. With mass unemployment, social unrest, electronic acceleration, threats to the democratic process, and a continuing pandemic, the U.S. is at a crossroads, fighting for its own identity.

Businesses, investors, associations, and the government have to look within their role in the continuation of institutional racism, social injustice, environmental depredation, and a just and democratic political system.

The company must lead the new world order built on endurance, sustainability, and equality. At the Accountable Business USA, join CEOs, Investors, Chief Sustainability Officers, and Government representatives on rebuilding for a sustainable, only prospective

A Safe Approach To Sustainability

These conferences make such a difference to environmental and social sustainability, and we invite you to attend as many as you can fit into your schedule. We also know that these are difficult times, so we recommend all attendees remain safe and healthy as they execute their sustainability goals for the following year and beyond.

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