Great News For The Environment: Solar Energy Use Is On The Rise

Solar Power Generation

Report Shows Solar Energy Usage Is Becoming More Popular

All the news about the scary repercussions of not using renewable energy can seem frightening. For years activists are warning citizens about global warming, so it is good to see progress is finally being made.

Solar power harvests energy from the sun and converts it into electricity. For a while, this type of energy was being used only to supply power on a small scale. Now things are changing as solar power generation provides over one percent of the electricity worldwide. Solar Power Europe recently released a report that has everyone excited over the clean energy progress.

Europe And Asia

China not only has one of the fastest growing business markets, but it is also a leader in clean energy. Solar power generation is one of the most greatly use by means of harnessing alternative energy.

Also following the renewable energy movement are Greece, Germany, and Italy.

All three of these European countries are using solar power to supply over seven percent of their electricity. If these nations can make the change considering their limited budgets, there’s no reason wealthier nations can’t do the same.

Solar Power Generation

Financial Reactions

How Country Policies Are Instrumental

Country Policies For Solar Power Generation

One of the reasons why solar energy production is increasing in popularity isn’t due to the need for renewable power. Just like most technology when it first comes out, photovoltaic power was very expensive to build at first. Today getting the equipment to install solar power systems is going down significantly in price.

The only exception is on the European continent here the cost is higher. The purpose for this hike in price is because the parts used in solar power generation usually come from China. Manufacturing in China is cheap, but the European government strictly enforces import laws. Because the devices are not European-made, the citizens must pay more.

The savings from using sun rays as a renewable energy source pays for the cost of installation over time. This is one of the reasons Greece (a country that declares bankruptcy in 2011) is making the solar power investment. The government realises that spending the money on photovoltaic devices now will save them money in the years to come.


The United States of America has continued progressively increasing of solar energy it produces. Farms are among the main participants for solar power use. Up until recent years, this meant citizens, not the government had to pay to install photovoltaic devices.

Tax incentives are causing the use of solar power generation to now be higher than ever before. Power stations that fall into code before 2017 can reap the benefit of a huge tax break. Strategies like this make all the difference in how much investors are willing to put into renewable energy.

It’s important to protect the environment for future generations, but people can only do it if it makes financial sense.


The Japanese government is also rewarding those who incorporate solar energy into their power generation. The latest policies put in place in 2012 have made a real difference in promoting solar power generation.

Though the amount of solar energy is used in Japan is expect to grow substantially, installations are not. This doesn’t mean more won’t be install. This is just a projection and scientists are speculating more photovoltaic systems will cast, but not like in 2014.

Future Of  Solar Energy

Solar Power Generation

Solar energy is one of the good ways of supplying electricity to those in need. With the global trend of photovoltaic energy promotion gaining momentum, the next ten years should be interesting to observe. Could humanity see a ten percent global demand of electricity met by the sun by 2026? Only time will tell.

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