How To Host a Sustainable Event Using Today’s Technology


If you want to host a sustainable event, there are many things to consider especially the use of new technology. Today’s technology continues to improve sustainability events as many people realize the significance of green technology.

Sustainability is a concept that focuses on ensuring that human activities do not cause an impact on the environment. It also aims to prevent depletion of resources so that the future generations can also enjoy the same. Large corporations, in particular, have a responsibility to ensure that their activities do not impact on the environment.

Corporate events are some of the activities that cause an impact on the environment by contributing footprint and waste. Many people think that it is difficult to make a difference in the environment, but it only takes conscious effort. Concerning hosting sustainable events, corporate can adopt various options like going paperless as well as using renewable materials.

The option of using new communication is the best in promoting sustainable events. For instance, mobile devices can help the attendees to access all the information they need without printing a lot of handouts. Thus, new technology can significantly help reduce the amount of carbon footprint as well as waste in the form of used newsprint.

Why Is Sustainability Crucial?

Everyone has a responsibility to make sure that their activities do not cause an impact on the environment. It does not take a lot of effort to make a change in the atmosphere as other people imagine. You need to make sure that your actions are not detrimental. The environment by minimizing carbon footprint or waste disposal.

Collective action by all people can make a huge difference in the environment that in turn can promote sustainability. Large organizations should take a leading role in ensuring that they harness new technology to minimize environmental impact. There are many steps that you can make as an event planner so that you do not impact on the environment.

Start Planning For The Event

The success of any event depends on the plans that are in place to host it. When you are responsible for planning, you must make necessary changes that can make the conference sustainable. You need to think outside the box since there are various things that you should consider to reduce the impact on the environment.

When planning for the event, you need to know the likely impact of your event. Therefore, it is essential to consider elements like catering, venue as well as the overall event production. When you know the result of your conference, then you can make the necessary changes that can help to reduce it.

You need to consider your event from an objective perspective so that you can come up with a sustainable idea. The following ideas can give you guidance toward hosting an event that is sustainable.

Go Paperless

The strategy of going paperless is a simple way of making a significant impact on promoting sustainability. With new communication technology such as email and other instant messaging platforms, you can significantly reduce paper. Digital communication technology helps to minimize your footprint.

Instead of sending memos or invites to the attendees, you can communicate with them in real time. The other significant thing is that last minute changes to your event would not be that daunting since you can easily interact with your attendees. You also save a lot of money since you do not need to reprint the program in case of changes before the event takes place.

The other easy way for the attendees to access information about the event is to post in on the company’s website. If the data is readily available on the site, various people can easily access. You can also update the information on your site and the targeted participants to the event can also access it easily.

New communication technology also offers other platforms such as social media that allow people from different places to engage in real-time. The advantage of social media platforms like Whatsapp, Twitter, and Facebook is that they offer instant messaging communication methods.

People can also easily access different media platforms from their smartphones. The primary benefit of mobile technology is that people can carry it in their pockets. The attendees can access all the information about the event any time from their devices. They do not need to carry memos in their pockets as reminders of the upcoming event.

New technology can also handle other activities like ticketing and check-ins where there is no need for using paper. Mobile devices such as tablets, laptop computers offer high-quality digital signage that makes the use of paper an outdated activity. The attendees can perform almost everything using digital technology throughout the whole event.

Green Venues

Various venues use green technology as a way of reducing their carbon footprint on the environment. Many conference centres take advantage of the sunshine, and they use solar panels for their power generation. Solar energy is sufficient enough to supply power to many appliances in different venues for events.

Solar power makes all events greener since it does not impact on the environment in any way. Other forms of energy can impact on the environment which is the reason why you should choose a green venue for your event. Places also use efficient cooling and heating systems to offset the demand for electricity to provide the same services.

Other notable features of a green venue for hosting your event include recycling bins. New technology can sort the trash in some instances. You can choose sites that have bathroom fixtures that prevent the unnecessary loss of water.

The other important aspect that you should consider pertains to transportation mode to the venue. If you can manage to host the event as well as the lodging in the same place, that would be an added advantage. Such sites give you opportunities that can help you to cut down on the level of a footprint that you can contribute to the environment.

For instance, you can hire a bus to carry all the attendees to the venue instead of each person driving to the conference centre. You can also choose a site that is reachable by public transportation as a way of reducing the number of cars to the place.

This strategy helps to minimize the amount of carbon footprint from cars. Alternatively, you can also choose a location that is within walkable distance. The conference centre should also be closer to things like a shopping centre and restaurants so that the attendees can walk if they want something.

Consider Virtual Attendance

New technology also presents other opportunities like virtual participation in a particular event by the attendees from different locations. The participants do not need to be physically present in a specific space for the conference. They can use communication channels like video conferencing that help them to engage in real-time with other people in different locations.

However, you should consider this strategy if your event mainly focuses on speakers and presentations. It might not be ideal for a trade show that requires physical interaction with the vendors. Virtual conferences can lower carbon footprint while at the same time increasing attendance.

The participants in a virtual conference can enjoy the high picture and video quality through high definition headsets connected to their computers.  They can also interact with the panellists where they can ask questions and get answers in real-time.

Event Production And Purchasing

Different events go along with festivities, but in some cases, a lot of food go to waste. When you want to host a sustainable event, you should try to avoid wastages that can also impact on the environment. You can prevent the unnecessary waste of resources by correctly mapping the plan that can also help you to save money.

You can use previous budgets for similar events to make an informed decision about the resources you may need to purchase. Many event professionals keep data and other similar metrics that can help them to draw proper budgets for their events.

Data analytics based on information about other events help the planners to streamline the conference to reduce the amount of waste. The event organizers can compare the amount of food consumed by the delegates in previous events and the number of attendees for a current event.

Previous statistics about other events help the organizers to promote accuracy in the procurement of the required provisions. This method will help to limit the risk of over-ordering food that can go to waste at the end of the event. You can make your event greener by focusing on buying the things that you want to use.

Technology that focuses on sustainability continues to develop, and extensive event organizers are also benefiting from this development. It is also helping them to use fewer resources while at the same time improving the experience of the attendees in various exciting ways.

Applications that can make local sourcing of food easy are good for the environment. Since they help to reduce shipping needs. Event organizers should be mindful of the aspect of lowering transport costs as well as carbon footprint.

Managing Event Waste

From the onset of planning your event, you should focus on measures that you can take to manage waste. It is challenging to avoid waste whenever you host a conference. This often results in trash everywhere around the venue. You should consider aspects like buying biodegradable cups and plates that are recyclable after the event.

When choosing a venue, you should check if they offer waste recycling services or you can make a plan. For instance, you can hire people who collect waste for recycling. The attendees can make a difference by using recycling bins if they are available. The guests can also play an active role in reducing waste if they realize the effort to maintain a clean environment.

Alternatively, you can arrange to donate all leftover but recyclable material to local charities. It is also crucial to try to be innovative to become sustainable. You need to be patient when organizing an event and make sure that you collect resources that you want to use only.

Digital Technology And Sustainability

Digital technology brings a lot of benefits to various people who intend to host events. The best way to enhance sustainability when organizing an event is to develop an online platform for registration. The attendees can use this platform easily, and it is also cost-effective.

You can also use email notifications and create an e-ticketing system that helps to eliminate the use of paper. The idea is to use digital technology when organizing an event while at the same time minimizing the use of paper.

You can use event management software that can help you to create an event app that is accessible to all attendees. The participants can access the app from their smartphones from any place. The new technology makes a real impact on the environment. Since it does not leave any footprint that affects the environment.

You can keep improving your knowledge about hosting sustainable events by referring to previous conferences. These events help you to make necessary changes to your current conference based on experience. In most cases, experience teaches us a lot of things, and we can use digital technology to transform this knowledge.

You can add sustainability to your event by creating an online registration platform. That is accessible can be accessed on various devices including smartphones. When you create the app, you must make sure that it has a provision for comments by the targeted users. So that they can also make contributions.

You should also live social media streaming so that you can reach a lot of people from different places. You can encourage the participation of different people by creating interactive feedback options. The method is efficient and cost-effective such that it can make your event a resounding success.

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