Save Money And The Environment With Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy Efficient Appliances For Saving Environment

Energy-Efficient Appliances For The Environment

It’s no secret that Energy Efficient Appliances must be proved to save consumers money on their heating and electric bills. These types of devices not only save money they have a smaller environmental impact.

With global warming becoming a growing concern, environmentalists and consumers alike are looking to conserve energy whenever possible.

Common Misconceptions

Many consumers are confused or misinformed when it comes to energy efficient appliances. They think because the high-efficiency machines use less water or electricity that they don’t work as well. Some of the reason for this misconception is because of the first water-saver toilets that were very disappointing.

They didn’t do a great job of flushing waste at all. Because consumers had to wash twice, the water savings were nonexistent. These versions that came out in the 90s were notoriously frustrating. A Michigan Congressman named Joe Knollenberg tried to repeal a law that mandated their use.

Though he was unsuccessful at stopping the law, he did raise awareness to the issue. Since then drastic improvements have been made to not only water saver toilets but to all energy efficient appliances.

Today’s energy efficient technology has proven to be just as effective than their non-energy tough competitors.

How To Know If An Appliance Is Energy Efficient

 Saving Energy By Energy Efficient Appliances

The labels will vary from country to country when it comes to energy-saving electronics. Most American appliances that have proven to save electricity have “Energy Star” stickers on them. The Energy Star Labels are bright blue with white writing.

The logo looks like a handwritten signature with a hand drawn star though they are computer generates. All Energy Star products use twenty to thirty percent less energy without compromising their effectivity. The Energy Star label is now an internationally recognise symbol for energy saving technology.

The United States Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency created the symbol in 1992. The symbol can now be seen on specific appliances in most English speaking countries. Various countries include the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It’s important to note that Energy Star appliances are not the only energy-efficient appliances on the market. Consumers can check an Energy Guide to be certain.

How To Increase Energy Savings

 Energy Efficient Appliances

Having an energy saving device will certainly save money on an electric bill. There are ways to maximise the savings even more though. Where appliances are placed inside the home and how they are used makes a difference in energy efficiency. A couple of methods to save even more include smart washing and freezer/refrigeration usage.

Smart Washing Methods

Washing apparel in cold water can save money since the water won’t get heat. Some stains such as blood will wash out even better in cold water than hot. Don’t wash clothes until a full load is dirty. Washing half a load is only okay when a washing machine has smaller load settings that use less water.

Smart Refrigeration Methods

 Solar Refrigerator Energy Efficient Appliances

Refrigerators placed next to hot areas of the home will use more electricity trying to keep cool. It’s best to have the refrigerator and freezer away from the oven and stove. It’s also smart to let food cool down before placing it inside. Otherwise, the appliances have to work harder to keep everything cold.

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