Alternative Solar-Powered Products For The European Home

Solar Power Generation

Solar Power Generation For Homes In Europe – The Smart Energy Choice

Consumers in Europe are turning to solar for many reasons.

The biggest reason? it saves them money in the long run on their energy bills.

At first, installing any type of  solar power generation device is expensive. But most only takes 5-15 years to pay for itself.

From that point on, those with an off grid, solar energy source never pay another electric bill again.

The reason the numbers work is because many countries offer tax incentives to install solar generators. This is a smart investment economically, but even so, some people have trouble saving the money to do it.

Some individuals see the benefits of using renewable energy but can’t go completely solar all at once. For them, there are others ways to integrate solar energy into their everyday lives.

Included in this article are six alternative ways to use solar energy at home.

1. Solar Cell Phone Chargers

Solar Power Generation

Everyone uses a cell phone at work and home. Most cellular devices get charged for approximately two hours a day.

Instead of connecting the phone to a charger plugged into the wall there’s a better option.

Solar chargers convert sunlight into power for USB devices. Cell phones, tablets, cameras and handheld video games can all be refuelled from renewable energy.

Some solar chargers can even use artificial light, but the best way to charge is to use real sunlight.

2. Solar Air Conditioning

Solar Power Generation by Air Conditioner

Summer days can make the inside of homes very hot.

Some people living in Northern Europe use passive solar power to cool their homes. Passive solutions do work on some level, but in Southern Europe, you need a solar air conditioning unit.

Solar air conditioning systems are powered by using photovoltaic technology.

The panels on top collect photons and extract the electrons. The energy harnessed is used to complete the entire DC electric process.

Just like all air conditioners, solar ACs draw in air from around. It treats the air with refrigerant then blows out the cooled air.

The difference is solar power air conditioners create no greenhouse gases.

3. Solar Cookers

Solar Power Generation By Solar Cookers

Solar cookers were some of the first household renewable energy products to hit the market.

Today’s solar cookers are much faster and more efficient than earlier models. Some can reach temperatures of two hundred ninety degrees Celsius in only twenty minutes.

Most models are portable and can be used not only at home but on vacation too. They use no fuel, so there’s no flames, no extra cost, and no mess.

The latest versions are extremely versatile. They can boil, bake, fry, or steam almost any food.

Though some require lots of sunlight to operate, expensive models sometimes don’t require direct sunlight. Different models are available in an array of sizes. That shopping for products in Europe should be able to get exactly what they need.

4. Solar Attic Ventilators

Solar Power Generation For Attic Ventilators

Attic ventilators are an essential to keeping a home cool and dry. A solar panel captures light from morning to night and converts photons into electric power. Attic ventilators not only protect the keepsakes in the attic from harm they help out in other ways too. It can reduce how hard the air conditioner has to work at cooling the home.

This will save money and energy immediately as well as prolong the life of the air conditioner. Most models will also come with a gauge screen to keep out insects, birds, and other animals. The screen is typically designed to impede unwanted critters from entering without hurting the air flow.

5. Solar Generators

Solar Power Generation by Solar Generators

A backup generator is something every homeowner should have. In situations where power is lost, solar generators can provide their owners with safety and comfort. Solar generators are not only convenient they create quiet, reliable, and clean power.

Home solar generators like the ones listed on SolarGenerator.Guide are designed to support everyday power usage and not run out of energy.

Homeowners should be able to cook, clean, and watch television same as always.

The best part is the power generated does not come from fossil fuels. Solar generators also do not emit toxic fumes or require much maintenance at all.

Some homeowners opt to rely on the generator here and there even when their regular power is on. This can’t be an everyday thing, but one day a month is a possibility.

6. Solar Water Heater

Solar Power Generation by Water Heater

Solar water heaters are apparently the most commonly recognised solar products on the market. Before installing a solar water heater, planning is imperative. Solar systems are usually kept on top of a roof. For the solar heater to function properly it should be able to get direct sunlight.

It should be installed in a southern-facing position where it will get six hours of sunlight daily. The area wherever it will be installed needs to be sturdy and checked for loose shingles. Ground mounted systems may be a viable option for those who do not get enough sunlight on their roof.

For those in Europe living in colder climates, it’s crucial that the water heater is protected against freezing. It’s important to have a closed loop system with antifreeze or a drain-back system. A drain-back system goes to work if temperatures drop too low. Batch devices are not a good choice for those living in colder climates.

Solar Water Heaters can supply the home with more than just shower water. It can also warm the water for washers and dishwashers. Every once in a while inspections are necessary to see that everything is functioning properly.

The collector will have to check to make sure the sealant isn’t crack or yellow. The fasteners to the roof need to be tight. The wiring and piping should be free from visible damage. The pipes also need to have no mineral build up inside them.

Many individuals living in Europe think that if they can’t afford a complete PV system they can’t use solar power. This should clear up this common misconception. Any of these solar power products are an awesome way to incorporate renewable in the home. Solar power for home usage in Europe is not only smart. It is easier than ever before.

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