Solar Energy – The Only 100% Clean Solution

Solar Power Generation

Solar Power Generation

Solar Power Energy has the world talking these days and for good reasons. It can save people money since it can reduce their energy bills. It’s also beneficial to the environment because the power produced is one hundred percent clean and renewable.

Even though solar energy is a hot topic in the news, most people are unaware of how exactly it works. This article begins with a discussion of solar panel systems and how they produce electricity.

Solar Panel Systems

 Solar Power Generation By Systems

Multiple solar cells are positioned inside the frame on a solar panel. The performance of the solar cells used will vary based on the material they are made from. Higher quality materials will certainly harvest more solar energy than cheaper ones.

The most common material used in today’s solar panels is silicon. When sunlight touches the solar panels, photons are harnessed. The solar energy collected has electrons that must be extracted, which is the next step. Then those electrons are made into DC energy and sent down a metal wire to the charge controller.

What appears next is entirely dependent on the kind of system being used. Some may be hooked up to the national grid. Others operate off-grid meaning they use only the energy produced by the system. The off-grid systems are the better options when available since no outside non-renewable energy is being used.

Off-Grid Systems

Solar Power Generation

These types of systems are essential for people who live in rural areas where electricity is inaccessible. Off-grid systems will use a battery to store and release the generated energy. During the day photons will come in from the sun rays and touch the solar panel. At night there are no sun rays to get energy from.

Having a place to store and release the photos from the day is crucial to get twenty-four hours of power. This is why people who use solar energy will sometimes also want to have a generator. Depending on how high quality their solar panel system is they might not get enough store energy. If they don’t have an extremely efficient solar device (which can be very expensive) they could experience power outages.

Not every day is sunny. If several days of persistent clouds and rain happen, it could leave those without a generator in the dark. Researchers are currently looking at ways to harness sun rays that bounce off the moon (moonlight) for solar power. Since this is still being examined, it will likely be a while before they are available. Modern solar power generators have inverters that convert DC power into AC. This is so their owners always have a back-up.

Solar Power Generators: The Other Solution

Standby Generators

Standby generators are typically not looking to clean energy sources. They are often fuel by gas, diesel, or propane. The reason why people sometimes use this type of generator is that they need a lot of power. Standby generators can supply an entire home with electricity for a couple of days at least. Because the fuel use creates hazardous fumes, these types of generators must be stored outside.

Solar Generators

 Solar Power Generation

Solar generators will vary in size and strength. The smaller ones can support laptop use and cell phone charging etc. The larger models can handle power supply to homes and businesses. These generators are obviously very powerful but can be very pricey. Solar power energy generators are often noticeably bulky and take up a lot of space.

Portable Generators

Solar Power Generation

These are non-renewable energy generators for the most part. These can be power by an array of energy sources such as diesel, gas, batteries, and seldom solar. Investors are now working to improve portable solar devices to make them more affordable and efficient. Most of the portable solar power ones are small and can only power cell phones, laptops, and small handheld games.

Why Solar Power Energy Is Best

 Solar Power Generation

Solar energy creates a supply of power that costs no more than the cost of the materials and installation. Since solar energy, energy doesn’t produce dangerous fumes the systems can be store anywhere. There is no risk of chemical pollution by putting it anywhere inside the home.

This helps humans breathe easier and is good for the environment. Solar power is always silent and maintenance on the equipment is rarely in need. Since solar generators can keep inside, they do not break down the way other types of generators do. Because they do not have to be subject to the elements most will last between five and twenty years.

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