Renewable Energy On The Rise: Solar Power Generation In Europe

Solar Power Generation

Renewable Energy On The Rise -Solar Power Generation In Europe And Across the Globe

Solar Power Generation Vs. Nuclear Power Generation

The activists at Greenpeace have been warning others for years about the cons of using nuclear energy. Not only is it very financially expensive, but it is also hazardous in several ways. Nuclear power plants always produce radioactive waste. The US is currently storing this waste at Yucca Mountain, Nevada.

This site is volcanically active which is just as dangerous as it sounds. From there the radiation seeps out into nature. This is why the following news is so exciting. Solar energy is so much cleaner and much safer than nuclear power. Since it uses only photons from the sun, it is entirely natural and renewable.

For the first time, nuclear energy is having to take the backseat to renewable energy in Europe. Gehrlicher Solar reported that 2014 was a record-breaking year. Researchers are predicting that by 2020 worldwide usage of solar power could hit 540 GW. China sees the fastest growth in solar power generation out of all the countries in the world.

 Solar Power Generation

What’s to Come

SolarPower Europe Data

 Solar Power Generation

SolarPower Europe recently announced their projections for 2015-2019. Solar power is credited for being the main reason why renewable energy has trumped nuclear power.


 Solar Power Generation

Solar energy is now responsible for supplying over one percent of the world’s energy needs. Greece, Germany, and Italy are leading by example. Solar energy meets 7 percent of the country’s power needs. As of right now, they are the countries using the most solar energy on planet Earth.

Thirteen other European countries are relying on solar power generation for at least one percent of their power demands. European nations are predicted to be using eighty percent more renewable energy by 2020. Laws involving installation and operation will greatly affect what happens over the next for years.

If regulations continue to favour tax benefits for those using photovoltaic energy, there will likely be growth. If governments were cut back on these tax breaks, solar development could reach a standstill. Another thing which could stunt the growth of renewable energy users is if lawmakers impose strict maintenance policies.

Safety is always a concern but when certification becomes a legal mandate it can make costs unnecessarily high. People are hoping that solar power will save them money in the long run, not cost them more.


Some researchers think 2017 could bring in a plateau for new solar energy users. The stock market is predicted to take a dive, and this could limit the fund’s investors have. Without spending money to put into new technology, new solar installations will have to wait.


Interestingly enough 2018 is expected to see a substantial boom in new solar power plants. The reason for this is because the costs of manufacturing solar panels should be lower. Most new tech-savvy products are expensive upon release then drops in price over time. Solar energy systems will likely follow suit. When anything is affordable, it just sells better and solar power is no exception.

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