Solar Energy Solutions Continue to Flourish in Europe

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Update on Solar Energy Generation And Consumer Installation In Europe

100 Gigawatt Milestone

The Environmentalist community has something new to get excited about in Europe.  For the first time in history, Europe is using more solar power than nuclear power. This good news comes after the installation of one hundred gigawatts of photovoltaic power.

The new solar energy power systems are grid connects to and available to supply the public with the energy they need.

Solar Power Europe is pleased to announce this milestone achievement. Five years ago Europeans rarely relied on solar power to meet their energy demands. Today solar power generators supply one percent (1%) of the energy consumed worldwide. The growth is unprecedented. In the past eleven years, Europe has gone from only three GW of solar capabilities to over one hundred.

Solar Power Generation

Future Goals

The CEO of SolarPower Europe hopes that the trend toward solar power doesn’t stop here. Although celebrating the 100 GW benchmark is fantastic, he’s now focused on the next goal: 200 GW.

Solar Power Generation Europe

For now, he’ll have to put his faith in the European Commission’s hands. They are soon to be issued by market design reformations could make or break the immediate future of solar in Europe.

Petitions for Business Reforms Regarding Solar Power Generators

Solar Power Generation Business

July 5, 2016, was an important day for solar energy supporters on the European continent. Thirty-four (34) renewable energy organisations met in Brussels, Belgium to send a letter to the European Commission.

This letter was addressed to Commissioner Malstrom and asks for reform in the laws that may prevent solar energy growth. For a long time, the commission has looked for ways to keep business trading inside the continent.

Although this has a positive effect on the economy overall, it hasn’t helped the solar industry grow.

Punitive measures on trading with China deter Europeans from getting solar and solar cells to create in Asia. Without these fees, Europeans would have access to buy solar equipment at a very low price. The more they can afford to buy, the more they can build.

The organisations that banded together on July 5th represent over thirteen million employees and one hundred twenty thousand companies. Organisations from twenty (20) European states believe that trade regulations have harmed the solar market in Europe.

Over the last three years. In 2017 the EU Commission will be making a recommendation on solar trade rules. From there it must be approved by the Member States.

Finding a way to bridge the different points of view is imperative to solar growth in Europe. The intentions of those who set the primary punitive measures against trading with China were honourable. They wanted to see the economy boosted in Europe.

The research leans toward these rules doing more harm than good, though. With so many organisations ready to reinforce changes in trading procedures, it’s likely these laws will be overturned.

Europeans without Local Solar Power Generators

For those who don’t have access to solar power generators from the national grid, there are other options. Consumer installation is a great route for anyone who wants to save money over time on their energy bill. Not only does it make sense in a fiscal manner, but it’s also a great solution environmentally.

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