World Water Week – An Examination Of Sustainable Growth

Sustainable Technology Events For Saving Water

Human Dependence On Water

Everyone knows water is important, but they may not realize just how important it is.

Most human adult bodies are composed of fifty to sixty-five percent water. The percentage in water composition in the body is even higher in babies.

Since water is so crucial to the existence of humankind, activists are doing what they can to preserve our supply.

High Expectations

The best event to attend for those who want to learn more about water preservation is World Water Week.

This event will take place on August twenty-eighth to September second in Stockholm, Sweden, and will have visitors from all over the world attending.

The Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) is the organization responsible for the event. International advocates for water conservation present will include practitioners, scientists, politicians, and concerned businessmen. Together they will gather to discuss innovative solutions to water-usage problems on a global scale.

Last year the SIWI organization had over three thousand three hundred visitors in attendance. There were also three hundred supporting organizations present at the big event. The SIWI recently announced that this year’s subject of focus will be sustainable growth. Coinciding with World Water Week will also be the twentieth jubilee of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize.

 Sustainable Technology Events Saving Water

SIWI’s Vision For The Upcoming World Water Week Event

 Sustainable Technology Events

The Stockholm International Water Institute hopes to foster the world where water is valued and available to all people. They want to see individuals in all parts of the world have access to enough water to meet their basic needs.

They understand that this cannot happen without scientifically based standards to improve conservation. SIWI believes in research, policy evaluations, and promoting sustainable growth. The SIWI was founded in 1991 and today has over seventy staff members in a variety of backgrounds.

They even have a secondary location in South Africa to meet needs on a global scale. It’s pertinent to note that World Water Week will only be held at the Stockholm location this year.

The Program For World Water Week 2016

 Sustainable Technology Events

There will be over one hundred forty events at the next World Water Week. Even though sustainable growth will be the main focus for the week, other factors still need to be addressed. Spectators can expect to hear ninety-minute presentations on related topics.

On the program is an event on financing, since water conservation often requires an initial investment.

Integrity is another relevant issue since the right to water is a social issue.

Climate change and global warming are a concern for all creatures on earth, so it will be discussed, too.

Another event will be held on sanitization because getting clean water is not easy for everyone.

Water management will be addressed since over-usage is unnecessary and needs to be resolved.

The complete World Water Week agenda is posted online at the SIWI website.

Those who plan to attend can see the times for each event and plan accordingly.

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